About Daniel Harkavy - Author of "Becoming a Coaching Leader"
Daniel Harkavy

Daniel Harkavy founded Building Champions in 1996 and currently operates as the CEO and Head Coach. He began realizing his coaching skills in 1987 while working as the Assistant Vice President of a mortgage-banking firm. There, he quickly built and coached his production team into the company’s most productive and profitable branch. After the company’s public offering, Daniel was named as the head of production and given the opportunity to coach and lead the company’s team of more than 180 producers and managers.

After ten rewarding years in the banking industry, Harkavy took a one-year sabbatical. This is when the vision for a company whose sole product would be to help others lead more purposeful businesses and lives was formed.

As CEO and Head Coach, Daniel Harkavy leads the Building Champions team while also coaching a select group of high-profile executives and leadership authorities. Since 1996 he and the Building Champions team have coached thousands of top executives, managers and sales professionals to peak levels of success, performance, profitability and contentment.

Daniel Harkavy and his wife Sheri have been blessed with four wonderful children: Alexandra, Dylan, Wesley and Emily.